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From a very tender age, Irene García who is the author of “crónicas de una argonauta”, began her journey with some short breaks here and there, solo or among friends throughout the years and since 2013, she became a lone full time backpacker. Her aim is to pass on the passion for travels by sharing her experiences, showing how she has done it and helping with practical info that she has collected during her journey. She likes to experience every country’s real way of life as much as possible, granting time enough for each one of them to “open up”.
She has crossed by bike her natal Spain, Portugal, Germany, Slovakia, Ireland, Iceland, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, USA and Canada.

Irene demonstrates in her “Introverts can travel too” and “traveling alone, expectation Vs. reality” entries that you don’t need to have marvellous social skills in order to survive while enjoying a travel and certainly by doing so you get to savour your own company and to know yourself better. It may surprise you that even as an introvert you’ll meet and join native people in one way or another without sacrificing your comfort.

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