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Most travellers visiting England will take in the city of London. And with good reason. London is one of the most well-known and well-loved city in the world. If you are travelling to Europe, then you certainly MUST add London to your travel itinerary.

London is a city steeped in history, with castles, monuments, and sites of historical significance scattered all throughout the city. London is of course a BIG city, and is brimming full of people from all over the world, and includes some of the very best shopping, dining, fashion, entertainment – all with a distinctive British style.

But of course, London does not represent all that England has to offer. Below we present a selection of travel bloggers from England. These are a diverse group of bloggers with a passion for travel and exploring England. Check out these blogs below for a unique insight to all that England has to offer for travellers.

Atlas & Boots

Adventure enthusiasts Kia and Peter from London, are the creators of outdoor travel blog Atlas & Boots. The thrill seeking couple travel across the globe in search of adrenaline fuelled […]

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Elle Goes Global

Established in 2018, Elle Goes Global is the travel and food blog of, well, Elle, a travel blogger from England. Based out of Berkshire, Elle started her website from her […]

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A Lady in London

A Lady in London is run by a travel blogger from England based out of London. Her blog site featured travel and lifestyle content focused on travelling around London and […]

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The Wanderlust Within

Born and bred in London, Roshni is the driving force behind The Wanderlust Within. This travel blogger from the UK loves to hike, arts and crafts, photography and is a […]

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Brogan Abroad

Brogan Abroad, the brainchild of Teresa, a travel blogger from the UK, is a fun site that focuses on providing readers great tips and tricks on sustainable travel. Teresa has […]

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That Anxious Traveler

Nicky, a travel blogger from England, started That Anxious Traveler in an effort to help people who have anxiety learn how to travel, well, anxiety free. She has made it […]

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Finding Beyond

Travel-obsessed couple Darren and Shelley are from London, and are self confessed digital nomads. Although they live in the UK, the pair regularly take a year out to go travel, […]

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Are We Nearly There Yet

Dorset based mum of six, Kara Guppy, founded her travel blog “Are We Nearly There Yet?” in 2015, to document the big family’s love of travel and adventure. She focuses […]

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Kavey Eats

Kavey Eats is the food and travel blog of food fanatic Kavita Favelle, who loves to travel the world, and immerse herself in local cultures by trying their foods. Born […]

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English Mum

Keen baker and travel lover the English Mum, from Buckinghamshire, shares her experiences online, from detailed posts about her trips, to recipes she loves. Also focusing on lifestyle and home […]

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