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Author: | Last Updated: 31 Jul 2016

Budget Traveller - Travel Blog

There are some of us that want to travel on a budget and don’t care how that affects the luxuriousness of the trip. However, then there are some of us that NEED to be FABULOUS. In the case that you don’t want to sacrifice style for savings simply turn to Kash’s travel blog and he’s got your back.

Kash Bhattacharya is an award winning Blogger of the Year and 2015 Travel Media Awards Blogger and has worked various tourism marketing campaigns. His site primarily features Europe: London, Italy, Bulgaria, Kiev… you name it he’s got it. Kash is definitely familiar with Asia and South America as well and his blog is full of ways to travel on a budget and with class!

Even if travel is not necessarily your cup of tea, If there’s one thing I think we can ALL appreciate… its food. This blog is unique in the fact that it weighs in on some great places to get cheap eats in foreign countries without compromising delicious flavor! Talk about living like a baller on a budget. Not only does he provide promising food guides, but if you’re looking for a hotel it wouldn’t hurt to check out one of Kash’s hotel reviews or cheap accommodation suggestions.

Travel Blog: budgettraveller.org

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