Brainy Backpackers

Author: | Last Updated: 20 Jun 2019

Brainy Backpackers is a travel blog that focuses on how to travel more sustainably/responsibly and make a difference as you go. The blog was started in 2018 by Linn Haglund.

After years of traveling both full time and part time, Linn noticed all the negative effects traveling causes the locals, the environment, and wildlife in different destinations. Most of the time unknowingly by the travelers.

Travelers demands create growing businesses that don’t take sustainability in consideration and this creates negative consequences for the locals, wildlife and the planet. She has seen this happen all over the world and after visiting 40+ countries she has learned a lot but still claims she has a lot left to learn about how to travel responsibly.

The aim with starting Brainy Backpackers was to keep learning and sharing this important knowledge with the world. She does this by always looking critically at her destinations and focusing on how to be a mindful traveler and give helpful tips on how to preserve the destinations as a traveler.

Linns favorite country is without doubt India. She loves most of the countries she has traveled to, but India has pulled her back time after time and she knows she will be back. Otherwise, she has a love for nature and wildlife and prefers to stay away from the big cities (unless they have interesting cultural heritage and amazing old buildings). Off the beaten path destinations will always be on her radar.

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