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Author: | Last Updated: 5 May 2017

borders of adventure - English Travel Blogger

Originally the blog ‘Backpacker Becki’, by female travel blogger Becki from London, seeking adventure, quit and sold everything that she could to embark on an initial 18 month trip. In her own words she “developed a passion for uncovering places of great change, deeper culture and wider meaning.” It is no surprise that she was the winner of the British Travel Press Award Blogger of the Year Accolade and she created a travel PR consultancy to compliment her traveling. Her charming tone and thirst for adventure gives us the freedom to dream again when it comes to experiencing live out there.

As Becki’s passion is to write about post-conflict and lesser-known aspects of destinations, each of her blogs are life giving, teaching us to seek the good in every place no matter what its history has been. In particular her blog on visiting Jerusalem a city ‘of religious calling and contemporary culture’. The way she portrays her time in Jerusalem is enticing enough to encourage a visit. With a deeply historic culture merging with the contemporary, Becki shares her experience of Jerusalem in a way that can only result in her audience wanting to plan a trip.

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