Bitten by the Travel Bug

Author: | Last Updated: 4 Sep 2016

Bitten By The Travel Bug | Australian Travel Bloggers

Originally from Adelaide in South Australia, Nicole started her Australian travel blog career after her first year of university and has been writing ever since (she is now 26!). Bitten by the Travel Bug develops a new side to travel that includes both cultural encounters and luxury travel experiences—two things Nicole adores.

Bitten by the Travel Bug highlights interesting things to see and do in a multitude of destinations and also gives travel tips based on airline, accommodation, food, technology, and fashion. While some posts do discuss luxury, others like “What to do in legendary North Dakota” give an overview of places that many travellers may not have considered visiting. Some unique features like “Singapore’s Coffee Revolution” discuss the changing coffee scene in Asia and why it is beginning to rank up there with Melbourne, Italy, and New York. Nicole’s unique journalism background also allows her to discuss the harmful effects of mainstream media on travel and leaves readers thinking about the world around them in different terms.

Bitten by the Travel Bug is a travel blog written by an Australian to help fellow countrymen and women and travellers from around the world to travel more often and to more places. Use the blog to discover some amazing places and find useful advice. Oh, and don’t be alarmed if the travel bug bites.


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