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Natives from Gijón in Spain, Pablo Calvo Tuñón, Ana López Trelles and their dog Hippie are owners of the “Bikecanine” travel blog as well as founders of the “Bikecanine project” where they commit to promote selected charity causes while biking around the globe. The first time they hit the road was on 2010, making as much as 200km from Gijón to Santander in a very ad-lib way, surprisingly noticing that this was the way they wanted to live.

They’ve been rolling on behalf of philanthropic associations and awareness campaigns across Europe such as: against children’s cancer in Spain, for rett syndrome and achondroplasia on a 24 day ride through the Maginot line which covers Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Later on, they came up with their own innovative projects to support more causes at the same time through challenge themed camps and campus. Everything is chronicled under the “adventure” submenu, portrayed with high quality photos and/or videos.

The amenities at your disposal include complete 101 guides for the globetrotter over wheels regarding preparations, equipment, camping, cheap and easy recipes and a pet travel course. One of the key articles to successfully survive on the road is “don’t pay for drink”, as it approaches clever ways to get your hands over really cheap or totally free water, which can be attained in the gas station’s hoses, rivers, lakes, fountains and cemeteries among other ways.

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