Best Travel Blogs for 2018

Author: | Last Updated: 8 Feb 2018

Best Travel Blogs of 2018

Below is our list of best travel blogs for 2018. We’ve based our list on several factors including:

  • quality of writing on the blog.
  • travel photography.
  • interesting places visited.
  • frequency of posts.
  • funny travel stories and anecdotes that kept amused.
  • design aesthetics of the travel blog / website.
  • traffic to their travel blog / website.

Top Travel Blogs for 2018

  1. Goats On The Road
  2. I Am Eileen [*]
  3. The Planet D
  4. The Poor Traveler
  5. Johnny Jet
  6. The Blonde Abroad [*]
  7. Expert Vagabond
  8. Hippie In Heels
  9. Migrationology
  10. Local Adventurer
  11. Y Travel Blog
  12. Our Awesome Planet
  13. Chasing The Donkey
  14. The Savvy Backpacker [*]
  15. Hand Luggage Only
  16. My Tan Feet
  17. Journey Era
  18. Young Adventuress
  19. Nomadic Matt
  20. Pinoy Adventurista [*]

What do you think ? …

Whilst we here at are passionate travellers and are obsessive travel blogs readers, these are just our subjective view on the topics. What about you? What are your favourite travel blogs at the moment. Have you spotted any new blogs that you think should be on their list? Shoot us an email, we’d love to hear from you and your thoughts !

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