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Author: | Last Updated: 21 Jul 2018

Beanies and Bikinis - travel blog

Nikki, a 25-year-old Canadian from Kingston, Ontario, had tried everything from cooking school, through bar-tending, to farm work – but nothing seemed to “click”. Eventually, in what she describes as a “moment of epiphany”, Nikki realized she could literally die tomorrow and was thus forced to re-think the path she was taking. Since then, she has fully re-structured her life to pursue “un-linear” paths and has been blogging about her adventures on Beanies & Bikinis.

She has spent the past few years exploring places like Australia, India, Mexico, and Thailand while using her photographic skills to inspire others to follow what they really want in life. A key part of Beanies & Bikinis is Nikki’s van life experience in New Zealand – where she spent over a year living inside her van, sleeping at amazing locations, and driving through some of the country’s most stunning locations.

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