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Hello! We are Albert and Carrie Bond of Backpacking with the Bonds. We started Backpacking with the Bonds to inform travelers about how their expenditures while travelling impact the communities they are visiting. We intentionally design our trips and those of our clients to enhance contributions to sustainable and equitable development of the communities visited. With each trip, we try to maximize the positive impact on the local economy by staying in locally owned and operated hotels, eating in locally owned and locally sourced restaurants, and buying locally made products.

Carrie and I have both come to believe that the right kind of tourism can be a driver of equitable and sustainable development. As Peace Corps Volunteers in Jordan we both saw the positive and negative impacts that tourism can have. Albert lived in the heart of the religious tourist trail, Madaba, and Carrie lived just a few miles from two of Jordan’s main tourist sites, Petra and Wadi Rum. Following our time in Jordan we went on to explore the role of tourism and development in our master’s work while living in London.

Over the past 11 years together we have traveled extensively as a couple, covering much of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and the Southern United States. To say we love to travel is an understatement. At present, Albert has traveled to 90 and Carrie 78 countries and independent territories. Albert’s two favorite destinations to date are Corsica and Saba, both because of the stunning countryside and the importance of tourism. Carrie’s two favorite are Jordan and Oman, because Jordan has a special place in our hearts and Oman because of its uniqueness among the Arab countries  . As you will see on our website we love to travel to the lesser traveled destinations where as travelers we can exercise a greater impact on the communities we travel to.

We recently became certified divers, so some of our upcoming trips will incorporate diving, especially our next trip to the Cayman Islands!

Some of our most notable blog posts are on the subject of overtourism, an interview with the Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) about the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, and on our road trip across Jordan, just to name a few.  We produce destination guides that contain our recommendations for where to stay and eat, and what to do, but also providing an overview of the importance of tourism to the destination. We not only want travelers to know where to spend their money, but also the impact it has on employment and value to the economy.

Check out our travels as we explore impactful travel, the type of travel that incorporates local entrepreneurs in travel and tourism within their community.

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Backpacking with the Bonds - travel blog

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Backpacking with the Bonds - travelling blog

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