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Author: | Last Updated: 14 Apr 2018

Backpacking In China - travel blog

BackpackingInChina is a travel blog that specializes in backpacking trips throughout China.  It provides expert, insightful and budget tips on travelling throughout China.  The blog is run by four backpackers, including an Editor-In-Chief and three other contributors who handle different segments.  Jonny Blair is the Editor-in-Chief, Panny Yu is the Budget China Expert, Agness Walewinder is the Culture and Food Expert, and Josh Summers is the China resident Expert.

Each blogger on the BackpackingInChina team has a separate favorite province/city. For Blair, it is Yunnan/Hong Kong/Chongqing; for Yu, it is Yunnan/Hong Kong; for Walewinder, it is Hunan/Fenghuang; and for Summers, it is Xinjiang/Turpan.  In addition to this, each runs a separate business or travel-related website apart from BackpackingInChina, suggesting they are not full-time bloggers on the blog. They have an average of 7 years travel experience between them, visiting almost every province.

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