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Authentic Travels is the travel blog of Iuliana who is a local tour guide and a travel writer based in Sibiu, Romania. Previous to her travel blog, Iuliana had a mountain blog in Romanian and she had been thinking how to switch to an English travel blog for a while.  So she started her travel blog in 2015 after she graduated from the Travel Journalism at the Matador University (US). She then took a break in the teaching job she had at the university and started to travel for longer periods (something she had always wanted to do but didn’t have free time to put it in action).

Authentic Travels includes travelogues from Iuliana’s travels, her travel planning strategies per country as well as a showcase of her work, and a range of authentic tours in/ around Sibiu / Romania. Since she started to travel for long periods in 2015, Iuliana has visited Morocco, Nepal, Thailand, Jordan, and almost all of the Balkan countries (Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia – Herzegovina). Until she visited Petra in Jordan, she didn’t have a favorite place, but after seeing Petra, Iuliana changed her mind right away – Petra was the answer.

Iuliana’s motto is ‘Travel at your own pace’ – a concept she tries to integrate into her travel style. She likes to travel slowly and explore all regions of a country instead of only the touristy sights. This is also what she offers to travelers visiting Romania: authentic trips, far away from the crowded tourist spots, off the beat places, and remoter destinations.

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