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Author: | Last Updated: 21 Feb 2021

Adventure enthusiasts Kia and Peter from London, are the creators of outdoor travel blog Atlas & Boots. The thrill seeking couple travel across the globe in search of adrenaline fuelled experiences. Writer Kia and filmmaker Peter love to plan great expeditions, and aren’t afraid of a challenge. Having ventured to the far corners of earth, the pair enjoy exploring off the beaten track. Ethiopia, Tonga and French Polynesia are among the many countries they’ve travelled to, with plans for more in the making, including trips to both the North and South Poles!

Atlas & Boots focuses on the couple’s love of the great outdoors, with posts on mountain trekking, dangerous hikes, and what camping gear to buy. Peter has completed two of the seven summits, Russia’s Mount Elbrus, and Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro.

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