Around the World in Eighty Years

Author: | Last Updated: 2 Jun 2019

Jim O’Donnell is an American travel blogger based out of New Mexico. He runs a travel blog called ‘Around the World in Eighty Years’ where he details travels and popular topics in America. Jim has been lucky enough to say that he’s visited 20% of the countries in the world and has gained some great stories throughout his travels. He’s not only a blogger, however, he’s also written two books and been featured in many articles.

Last year, Jim went on a visit to Cuba. Over a three-part blog series called “Three Perfect Days in Trinidad, Cuba”, he waxed poetic about Cuba and casts vivid detail on a country that Americans know little about. As I read each blog post, I felt that I was there with him, tasting the food and sampling a fantastic culture. I definitely recommend ‘Around the World in Eighty Years’.

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