Around the World in 80 Jobs

Author: | Last Updated: 14 Nov 2018

AroundTheWorldIn80Jobs is a travel blog that focuses on travel jobs.  The blog is run by Turner Barr, an American Blogger who graduated from UC Berkeley.  The blog operates with the view to helping youth secure online jobs overseas.  He originally did not intend to start a travel blog.  His aim was just to travel abroad and check some interesting places. Turner has been on the road for more than a year.  Simply put, Turner was finding answers to the two questions of how to live overseas and what to do while living there?

In the course of his journeys, Turner has moved on from his humble beginning of starting a youth hostel in Cali, Colombia to more interesting adventures.  Through his blog – AroundTheWorldIn80Jobs, he has helped people find their muse; travel abroad and live overseas; help them fund these journeys through travel jobs abroad.

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