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Anna Everywhere is a travel blog created by a Polish luxury traveler, Anna Lysakowska. Anna has lived in many places which include London, San Diego, Mendoza, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Mexico city, Boston and Amsterdam. Anna is a jack of all trade studying various subjects, tourism, SEO, law, advertising and media. She is also into some many other things and she’s currently staying in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. Anna speaks English, Polish, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. She’s also capable of speaking German and French. Anna has visited 73 countries and independent territories within the space of 10 years.

The Anna Everywhere is a solo female travel blog which revolves round culture, adventure, and Wildlife. The blog is aimed at showing people places around the globe and inspiring them to travel abroad even if they think they can’t do it or they are not wealthy. The blog contains places, interesting things about them, and how other people can study or live there. The blog has a page, Travel Resources where Anna shares about Travel Tips and Tricks, Travel Accessories, Accommodation, Health Advice, Living and Studying Abroad, and Travel Blogging Resources. The blog contains a lot of articles which these include: “Ultimate Guide to Visiting Stone Town in Zanzibar, How to Behave in Japan, Why you should Visit Fiji now” among many others.

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