An Insiders Guide to New Delhi, India

Author: | Last Updated: 22 Dec 2020

New Delhi, India’s beating heart, can sometimes be overwhelming if not downright chaotic to the visitor’s eye. You land in the city, reach your hostel and then wonder if god has given you enough strength to tackle even the road in front of your window, let alone the entire city.

However, this proverbial capital of love, gives as much as she can to those that venture deep. With an abundance of parks, medieval architecture, tantalizing food, a vibrant nightlife and hidden cafes. This is an insider’s guide who has built an expertise in finding the right place to eat, party and kick back, while soaking in the glorious sights of this historical city.

Eating, One state at a time

Scattered around Lutyens Delhi, there are a notoriously good bunch of kitchens that churn out food from every state of the country. Delhi being the administrative capital of the country, has representative houses (called Bhavans) for each of its states. These in turn house a restaurant that feeds the Bhavan staff and any lucky wanderers that make it to their tables. It’s fair to say when you have a pick of more than 15 cuisines next to each other, with a minimal dent on your wallet, you’re well on your way to being spoilt.

  • Andhra Bhavan
  • Nagaland House and
  • Goa Bhavan

these are highly recommended.

Sunlit gardens with a heritage monument or two

Delhi is famed for its parks and gardens, first conceived by its Mughal rulers and now frequented by all who need respite from its traffic, heat and noise. If you can pack up a nice meal, you can head with a picnic cloth and a surreptitiously wrapped bottle of wine to any of Delhi’s hundred parks and forests for a lazy afternoon Lodi Gardens, Sunder Nursery and the Qutub Archaeological Park offer beautiful lawns dotted with monuments from another era, and to be honest, there’s nothing like a wine – induced nap in the heart of a royal garden.


The past few years has seen a new rise in local music events, nightclubs and partygoers. Boxout FM hosts an event at Summerhouse Café with some of the best DJ’s from the world hitting the decks every Wednesday. Kitty Suu has been the headline club for almost a decade now with parties full of debauchery and it’s infamous queer nights. If you’re searching for a party, also look out for Social Offline & Auro Kitchen and Bar.


Chances are if you search for ‘Cafes in Delhi’ you’re hit with a list of places in Hauz Khas Village. Once a niche and happening area, now there are few places there that are worth going to. So from an insider, you’re better off heading to Majnu Ka Tila, a Tibetan Refugee Colony that has over the years become one of the best spots for food in the city.

Humayunpur is another area populated by a large populace of North Eastern Indians, and it’s not an overstatement when I say the food is beyond belief!

If you do however feel like clocking some traditional Delhi Kebabs, skip the crowds at Chandni Chowk and head to Lucknowi Galawati Kababs in Zakir Nagar for a meat experience that is frequently eulogized.


You have a couple of hours to kill before the next bus, flight or train? Head over to Boulder Box to get the blood flowing in one of Delhi’s coolest indoor climbing gyms. Hall after hall of bouldering possibilities and a playlist designed to keep you chilled out. This is one of the few places in the city where you can get the ole muscles working with the comfort of warm showers, a health café and an air purification unit!

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Special thanks goes out to Tejus Menon for contributing this unique perspective of Delhi. Tejus was born and raised in New Delhi and loves to help travellers from all around the world experience the unique experiences that Delhi ha to offer.

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