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Author: | Last Updated: 25 Apr 2017

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Chris Christensen created ‘Amateur Traveler’ travel blog and Podcast in July, 2005 which has proved to be a successful move. With an award winning podcast and blog, Amateur Traveler continues to pursue his love for travel and languages which is so evident in his podcasts and blogs. Branding himself a storyteller, Christensen he earns the attention of his audience using his humor and knowledge to help them dream of where to visit next. His podcasts and blogs are there to motivate people to travel and create their own memories. He communicates in a very comfortable and conversational style, which makes it sound like you are accepting travel advice from a friend.

We can all agree that a sense of humor is one of the most important qualities to have, Amateur Traveler would agree with this in his method of communication. His blog ‘Hop when someone says “Rhubarb” day’ was one of great amusement. Talking about a Finnish heritage tradition on August 17th. A quote above the blog is “If you can’t laugh about travel, you should probably stay at home” which is one that I believe to have the most truth in. I love the way Christensen writes and the lighthearted humor that he incorporates in to his writing.

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