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Author: | Last Updated: 14 Aug 2018

Am I Nearly There Yet - travel blog

Am I Nearly There Yet is a travel inspiration blog that specializes on sharing travel experiences through humor, photography, videos and advice.  The blog is managed by a couple – Stu and Eloise, who were motivated to start traveling in a bid to enjoy themselves while doing amazing things and meeting new people.  Eloise is a trained milliner and yoga teacher, while Stu is an experienced wedding photographer.

The duo has visited numerous places in the course of their travel experience.  Such places include Australia, China, India, The Netherlands, France, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, the United States of America and more.  Interestingly, Stu and Eloise do not travel light, they usually hit the road with just a bag each, and they never had a travel schedule or an end-date. They, however, have a detailed experience in travel equipment.

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