All Around Oz

Author: | Last Updated: 12 Nov 2020

Camping bloggers Melissa and Brenden have been travelling together for more than 20 years and their website, All Around Oz, is their way of helping inspire other travelers to visit Australia. They lived on the Gold Coast close to 15 years and decided they wanted to spend all their time on the road. They are travelling slowly around Australia and experiencing everything the country has to offer. From the Queensland outback to the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, their travels have taken them from campsites to caravan parks and everything in between.

All Around Oz is how Melissa and Brenden help other travelers prepare as much as possible for those travelling “rough patches.” The site includes great advice and reviews on camping grounds, caravan parks, and destinations across the country. It also includes cooking tips for when you’re camping, travel tips for budgeting, safety and traveling with family, and tips for choosing the best drone and regulations on flying it. Chock full of great information, All Around Oz is a good place to start your research.

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