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Author: | Last Updated: 14 Jun 2018

Ali's Adventures - travel blog

Ali’s Adventures is a travel blog that focuses on travel experience.  The blog is run by Ali, a blogger and travel addict. Ali writes, through Ali’s Adventures, about living a non-traditional life, making money online and life in Germany.  Her motivation to write was borne out of the need to share with her audience what it is like to visit other parts of the world.

Ali has fallen in love with travelling since she was young.  Her first trip was to Europe, and as at her 30th birthday, Ali was able to achieve her goal of visiting all seven continents.  After spending her first 31 years in life in America, Ali has since traveled to several countries.  Such countries include Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Chile, and Hong Kong, Australia, among others.

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