Adventurous Kate

Author: | Last Updated: 18 May 2019

‘Adventurous Kate’, a fitting moniker, is a 32-year-old American now living in New York who embodies the adventurous traveler.  She has the classic story for a traveler: quitting her job at the age of 26, going to travel the world alone, seeking new experiences and adventures. She has traveled to over 65 countries and squeezed every bit of adventure out of the places that she could. Kate identifies as a “budget traveler” and uses her blog to provide her tips and tricks she’s learned along the way.

Adventurous Kate’s blog aims to show women that traveling solo can be both fun and safe. Although, throughout her travels she’s had some pretty scary moments herself. From being shipwrecked on an island full of komodo dragons to drinking in a bar with a Thai mafia leader; her blog never fails to deliver on the unpredictable.

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