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Author: | Last Updated: 14 Jul 2018

A Little Adrift - travel blog

A Little Adrift is a travel blog that specializes in travel guides.  It provides resources for travel planning, responsible travel as well as digital nomads.  The blog is managed by Shannon O’Donnell, who is an experienced blogger.  Shannon was motivated by the need to share her experiences with people especially those feeling adrift, to grant them the desired change in their lives.

Shannon, over her almost a decade journey throughout the globe, has visited so many interesting places.  Such places include popular regions like Africa, Middle East/Caucus, Europe, Central America, Asia, Australia, the U.K., the U.S.A., Canada and others.  A Little Adrift has informative contents on the culture of notable African, Japanese and American communities that could serve as a guide to potential travelers.  Shannon’s escapades have motivated a lot of her readers to embark on similar trips.

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