A Lady in London

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Jan 2021

A Lady in London is run by a travel blogger from England based out of London. Her blog site featured travel and lifestyle content focused on travelling around London and beyond. She has visited over 112 countries since 2007, turning her travel blog into a full-time gig in 2010. She is originally from San Francisco, having moved to London after leaving a career in finance. Her writing and photography has been featured in many well-known travel publications.

The website offers travelers advice on traveling through Great Britain including suggestions for day trips and festivals to enjoy around the country. It offers travel-planning services, a calendar of events the owner holds, coaching services and eBooks for others who want to start a moneymaking blog, and gifts for loved ones. It is a well rounded website that offers travelers new ideas for getting out of the house in addition to ways to use their blog to make money.

Travel Blog: aladyinlondon.com

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