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Author: | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2016

A Globe Well Travelled | Australian Travel Blogger

Ashlea, an Australian native but United States resident, started her Australian travel blog, A Globe Well Travelled, in July 2014. As an ex-travel agent, she began to compile knowledge and build a community of people who want to travel and work just like her. Get to know her in her About Me post and then dive in to her comprehensive and impressive blog.

Ashlea is also environmentally conscious and this comes through in posts like “3 damn good reasons to carbon offset your flight,” which discusses minimising your carbon footprint. Nuggets of wisdom fill A Globe Well Travelled’s pages with posts like “7 ingenious ways to make money while you travel” and “How to avoid going stir crazy in between trips.” Several posts cover how to fund a travel habit, plus Ashlea’s adventures on five of the seven continents are vast and available for readers to peruse. She gives honest advice on how much it truly costs to backpack Europe and why everyone should move abroad.

A Globe Well Travelled doles out itineraries, travel tips, life advice, and just plain interesting information in one beautifully put together Australian travel blog. It is a great place to find travel inspiration and begin your own globetrotting research.

Website: aglobewelltravelled.com

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