A Fork on the Road

Author: | Last Updated: 8 Jun 2019

Iris C. Permuy is a half French half Spanish unapologetic foodie defined by wanderlust since before her birth, who chose the perfect career path for someone like her: she is a culinary journalist and a tourism and gastronomy translator, subtitler and voice-over specialist. She can work from wherever there is Wi-Fi, so she can roam full-time and experience the world and its food first-hand.

One day, she was living in the United States for some months and cooked a whole Thanksgiving meal for some of her American friends. There and then she realized she had been to over twenty-five countries, learned some of their gastronomy, and tried every bite she could for over a decade… and kept it all for herself and her loved ones. How selfish! That’s how her blog started.

A Fork on the Road is a travel diary, a recipe book and a travel guide all at once. Sometimes, Iris shares a recipe that triggers a specific memory. Other times, she comes back from her travels and has restaurant recommendations that will make any wanderer foodie truly happy. On occasions, she meets intriguing cooks and travelers along the way and wants us to meet them too. Often times, she is so at awe about a place that she designs the best itineraries for all to enjoy the way she did.

With a mix of humor and intimacy, she will take you around the globe without leaving the comfort of your couch, share easy recipes for you to have a taste of her nomadic lifestyle, and inspire you to do the same thanks to her stories, interviews and honest recommendations.

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