A Backpackers Tale

Author: | Last Updated: 28 Jul 2016

A Backpackers Tale - Travel Blog

Stephen is the Sensei of travel blogging when it comes to going abroad! A once corporate job holder turned full-time backpacker! Tired of the daily grind and seeking more to life, Stephen begun this fantastic lifestyle back in 2006 by taking a trip to Ireland and since then he’s been blogging and traveling ever since. He has seen glowworm caves in New Zealand, lantern festivals in China, and even the Running of the Bulls in Spain.

This blog is a mix of how to experience the most in countries like Singapore/New Zealand/Malaysia and many more with a touch of practicality and responsibility. Not to mention his site is super easy to navigate with an interactive map. Stephen covers packing, money saving strategies, trusted companies to get you from point A to point B, reliable insurance links, and overall remarkably helpful advice on traveling abroad and how to do it in the safest most sensible way!

If you need advice on why/where/when to get travel insurance, how to make airports less stressful, making the most of frequent flyer miles or pretty much anything travel related you can trust this guy.

Travel Blog: abackpackerstale.com

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