2 Aussie Travellers

Author: | Last Updated: 7 Oct 2018

2 Aussie Travellers - travel blog

‘2 Aussie Travellers’ is a travel blog from jet setting duo, Toni and her husband Drew. Now based in Australia, Toni originally is from the UK and boasts a very impressive trio of passports. These guys know how to make every dollar count and budget travel is certainly their speciality. Although they are focussing for now on the Oceania region, they have been to over 25 countries in their time together.

There blog has a wide range of blogs for couples, families and solo travellers all on a budget. Toni and Drew seem to love their food as this is a trend in a lot of their posts about must eat cafes and brunch spots. For someone looking to travel through Australia, the Pacific and Asia, this is certainly a blog not to be missed. With lots of nature and food inspired destinations, 2 Aussie Travellers are a must read.

Aussie Travel Bloggers: 2aussietravellers.com

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