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Will Fly for Food, previously named Sushi Bytes, is a self-described travel blog for the gastro-nomically inclined. The “Traveleaters” JB and Renée are adventure junkies with diverse back-grounds who joined forces to create a blog documenting their experiences as culinary explorers. The original iteration of this site was poised as a food blog with a tinge of travel writing, but their focus shifted in 2014 after a trip to Japan changed the scope of the blog to travel and food in conjunction.

Obviously a big differentiator for this blog is its commitment to documenting and describing the most interesting eats around the world. The Food Guides section lists eating experiences that are unique to a slew of international destinations. Titles like “12 things to eat and drink in Croatia and where to find them” show this blogging duo’s commitment to helping travelers make the most out of their global dining. Finally, the Just Eats section lists a number of interesting recipes as well as a designated section for finding the “best of..” food items.

Certainly the food-centric aspects of this travel blog make it a unique online resource for travelers, but the other components of the site such as travel gear suggestions, and compelling writing from its two contributors really propel this blog into a world-traveler’s essential guidebook.

Travel Blog: willflyforfood.net


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