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Considering herself to be an all-encompassing writer, poet, volunteer and traveler, Flora Baker is the English travel blogger behind Flora the Explorer. Founded in 2012 at the beginning of six months travelling around Asia, the blog has evolved from a platform simply to update family and friends with her latest escapades to a wider showcase of her travelling tales, all lapped up by an ever-growing community that eagerly await Flora’s next update.

Though all travel related, of course, Flora’s posts tend to be almost unbelievable, a retelling of the time she caught her Colombian neighbor in a compromising position – ‘That Time My Neighbour Had a Threesome in Front of Me’ – being the clearest example! Having visited numerous countries during her time travelling, there are a plethora of inspiring tales to peruse. ‘The Day I Saw a Polar Bear’, an account of Flora’s trip to the Arctic Circle where she witnessed a polar bear eating a seal is yet another example of her incredible storytelling.

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